Annie A-line Skirt Free Pattern Release. Sizes 6-16.

I’m very excited to offer the Annie A-line skirt pattern to you for free! I wanted to provide a simple PDF pattern for beginner sewers that is wearable, versatile and you can sew in a few hours to give you a confidence boost with your sewing skills. When you make one, you are going to want to make another one!

The Annie A-line skirt pattern is a simple A-line skirt with a back zipper and an easy faced waistline. There is no waistband, so super easy and it is the perfect project to learn how to insert an invisible zipper. The A-line skirt is probably the most flattering style for most women. It works well on figures with small waists in proportion to hips, creates an illusion of a waist on boy figures and is the perfect style for full hipped figures.

You can play around and add pockets, shorten it, lengthen it make it your own. I will be adding a tutorial shortly on how to create patch pockets. There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there you can choose from, bright florals, denim, leather, animal prints even a tartan! I’ve used a floral medium weight cotton for this version.

The A-line Skirt pattern comes in sizes 6-16 (Australian standards).
Remember to hashtag #sewthispattern #anniealineskirt so I can see all of your amazing creations and add to our Sewn By You page.







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12 replies on “Annie A-line Skirt Free Pattern Release. Sizes 6-16.

  • Monica

    Hi, thank you for the free skirt! Im a newbie in sewing and Im falling between size 10 and 12 in this pattern. Is there any way for me to alter the pattern to make it fit me? If I sew the larger size then it would be too big ( my waist is 72cm and hips 97,5cm – the size 12 would work for my hips but size 12 is way too large for my waist). Is there any way how to alter the waist to fit with a size 12 hips? Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

    • Nine Stitches

      Hi Monica,
      Adjusting pattern sizes can be daunting for a beginner but it’s quite easy just a bit time consuming to start with.
      Always cut out the bigger size pattern as it’s much easier to go down in size than up. So based on your measurements you will need to cut out a size 12. Your waist is 3cm smaller than the 12 so divide that by 4 (.75mm) and deduct that amount off each back and front side seam at the waist. Your hip is 1.5cm smaller so divide that by 4 (.375mm) and deduct that amount off the hip at the widest point. Now from the waist to the hip draw a new line using a french curve ruler (if you have one otherwise freehand) so that it blends in with the original line just past the hip. Also, before you cut out your fashion fabric sew up the skirt in a cheap fabric and try it on. This is called a toile or muslin. If it’s still not right, pin and mark the test skirt and transfer these markings onto the pattern. Make sure you are completely happy with the fit before cutting out your fashion fabric. Also, try this link to start. I hope this helps! Good luck and happy sewing! Annie

      • Monica

        Hi Annie,
        Thank you for your taking your time to explain it all in detail, I really appreciate it!! 🙂 As a beginner Im having a hard time figuring out pattern alterations in general, Im falling beween two sizes in most patterns as Im usually on the smaller size in the bodice and one size larger in the waist/hips, damn my pear shaped body. 😉 Just out of curiousity why am I dividing by 4? 🙂 I want to learn as much as I can about making pattern alterations, do you know of any great books on the subject or tutorials? I have absolutely no clue in how to transfer any pattern adjustments/markings I make on the muslin onto the pattern, its all a mystery to me. 😉 But Im eager to learn as I want the garments I make to fit me. Do you mind if I send you some pictures of the drawn line using a French ruler? Just to make sure Im doing it right. 🙂 Thanks again for your help, I feel confident enough to have a go at this skirt thanks to your excellent explanations! 🙂


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