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Are you feeling like a sew-sloth, lacking the motivation to get your sewing machine humming? I have some fun tips to help you get motivated and stitching up a storm in not time.

Here are a few fun ideas on how to get your sewjo back.

  • Watch the Great British Sewing Bee: If watching a bunch of Brits frantically stitching up garments in a timed competition doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, I don’t know what will. Plus, it’s a great excuse to snack on some biscuits and sip on a cuppa while you watch.
Amateur sewers compete
Amateur sewers compete to impress judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young, hoping to be crowned Britain’s most sensational seamster
  • Get some fancy sewing tools: Who says you can’t sew in style? Treat yourself to some ridiculously fancy sewing tools like a pair of rose gold dressmaking sheers or a diamond-encrusted thimble (okay, maybe not that fancy). You’ll feel like royalty every time you pick them up.
Klasse rose gold premium dressmaking scissors from A Little Patch of Heaven
  • Turn up the tunes: Put on your favorite playlist or album and rock out while you sew. Bonus points for singing along to the lyrics and using your seam ripper as a microphone.
  • Make it a competition: Challenge your sewing buddies to a project-off and see who can finish their garment first. Loser buys the winner a margarita (or fabric).

  • Set a ridiculous goal: Make a goal that is so outrageous it’s almost laughable. For example, sew a ball gown in a day (or maybe a week ;)) Okay, you probably won’t get a ballgown sewn in a day or even a week, but you get the idea, have some fun!
This would probably take me a year at least!! But I’d have fun trying.

  • Have a “High Tea” sewing party: This is one of my favourite sewing mojo ideas. Invite your friends over for a sewing party and make it “High Tea”. Have everyone bring some quaint sandwiches, pretty little cakes or scones and their latest sewing project. Not only will you have a great time and feel like you are living the life of a Bridgerton lady, but you’ll also get inspired by everyone’s creativity.

So there you have it, some fun (and ridiculous) but hopefully inspiring ways to get motivated to sew.

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