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“Becca is a qualified tailor having worked in industry doing everything from motor cycle safety leathers for films, to bridal dresses for TV shows. She brings all those top notch tips on how to give you’re sewing a professional finish whilst having fun. She’s always keen to learn new skills and believes the best way to learn is to learn from each other.”






aka “Dandy N” is a very experienced seamstress specialising in sampling, custom projects, production, and workshops. She is from the “other side of the river” and brings all those funky cool ideas with her. Neroli is passionate about ethical production and sustainable practices.



is an Indie pattern designer, blogger, and head honcho at Sew This Pattern. Annie has been sewing since she was a young teen and has over 30 years of sewing and design experience. She has her Fashion Design and Production Certificate and was awarded a Dressmaker of the Year Award, 2018 from Simplicity patterns. Annie’s style of teaching is fun and full of fantastic tips to help take your sewing skills to the next level.



2 replies on “Sewing School Instructors

  • Jane Berry

    Are there options during the day for sewing classes. I have completed a sewing for beginners class and would like some guidance with making a simple A line skirt etc

    • Annie

      Hi Jane,

      You should try the Learn to Sew Your Own Clothes classes. You will learn to sew the Annie A line skirt in this class!

      Thanks Annie


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