Cobra Vintage Bathers

Finally I made myself a pair of bathers! I have wanted to sew a swimsuit for so long and have bought various patterns and swimwear fabric for my stash over the past couple of years which I kept putting  on the back burner as I just couldn’t make my mind up on bikini or full piece…

After seeing so many gorgeous full piece swimsuits on Instagram I thought I’d better give this 90’s vintage Knit-N-Stretch 498A Low Back Maillot pattern a go.  Yes, they call the 90’s vintage! The fabric is divine, it’s a designer printed snakeskin nylon/lycra from Tessuti fabrics called “Cobra”. I have plenty left over so may have to whip up a bikini next time.

This pattern was super easy to sew. I just used a zig zag stitch and it worked fine. The fabric was really easy to handle and is thick enough to give it stability. The back straps were a little tricky as the are so narrow and I had to fold it into 3 and stretch whilst sewing but I got there! The only flaw for me is that the bust darts sit too high and because I didn’t sew a toile (tut tut) I ended up with a less than perfect fit. I might even add a ruffle down the track to cover up this mistake.

Recently I visited Italy and Croatia with my family for my very special Five O Birthday. The weather was perfect for three weeks so there was alot of  swimming and snorkelling in the beautiful Adriatic sea. I packed my ready to wear bathers and my me made bathers and guess which ones I wore all the time? Yes, my me made Cobra bathers.

I’m very happy with them and can recommend this pattern although please do sew up a toile first!

Ciao, Pozdrav x

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4 replies on “Cobra Vintage Bathers

  • Ginger

    Just wanted to say not only is your sewing awesome, you look incredible in everything you make! I follow a lot of sewing blogs and so many are by young, hipster girls (not a bad thing at all) but what attracted me to the first post I saw of yours was that you looked stylish, your were having fun in incredible clothes you made and you looked a little more mature (in the most complimentary way)! I’m coming up on 52 myself and I’m happier with myself more than ever, more confident, in better shape and loving sewing for myself!

    Thanks for sharing all the fun you’re having!!!

    • Annie

      Thanks Ginger!

      I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my sewing posts. I really enjoy my sewing more now than I did when I was younger although in saying that I’ve always loved it. I think I’m a lot better at it now and I have more patience. Happy Sewing!

      Annie x


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