Stop Staring!! Replica dress

stop staring dress

This dress was my attempt at replicating a dress from the Stop Staring retro clothing website ( A very catchy name for a clothing website).  I originally blogged about it five years ago on my original Nine Stitches blog. Wow! How fast does half a decade go?

I’ve decided to re blog it to help answer the question I read the other day on Gerties facebook page. The question was, can you sew stretch fabrics up in a pattern recommended for wovens?  My answer is yes, I  think you can depending on the weight of the fabric and the design of your woven pattern. This dress is a great example of it.

The pattern I used for my replica dress was a Vogue pattern V1192.  Fitted, straight, above mid-knee length, lined dress has side-front tucks, back zipper and hemline vent. The fabrics recommended are Silk Crepe, Heavy Georgette and Satin Back Crepe. It has a nice hour glass look to it just like the dress from Stop Staring and the Ponti fabric I used from Tessuti  was a really nice heavy weight which worked well.  I deleted the zip and back hemline vent and omitted the lining so I could just pop it over my head. To allow for the sizing I cut it out one size smaller.  To replicate the Stop Staring dress I  added a couple of little bows which adds a little cuteness to it too.

This worked  for the pattern I used because the stretch fabric had a bit of weight to it. But if you are using a fabric like jersey which is a lighter weight, a pattern with some gathering details and not so structured would probably be better. I would definitely make up a muslin first in a fabric of similar weight and stretch.  One size down might not be enough in a fabric with a lot more stretch.

I’m happy with the result of my replica dress and I would not be afraid to try a knit on a woven pattern. Just test it out before cutting into any expensive fashion fabric.

Happy Sewing!

stop staring dress

stop staring dress

Tuck details at the side seam.

stop staring dress

The dress I replicated from Stop Staring. I worked with fabric I had which was Navy but I love it just as much as the red.

The pattern. Vogue V1192

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4 replies on “Stop Staring!! Replica dress

  • Mette Nobel

    Hi, Just fell over this amazing dress – WAUW. Does it have a double front piece or is it just “the top” that is “double”, to make the wrap-effect? I have a pattern from a danish designer, MariaDenmark, Karen-dress… I think I could maybe change the pattern and get the wrap effect?
    🙂 Mette

    • Annie

      Hi Mette,
      Sorry for late response. I’ve had a little break. It’s just a wrap at the top. The skirt is just tucked.
      A wrap effect is pretty easy, you should give it a go! Annie x


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