#sewfestive3 week 2 : Bolero Wrap

how to sew a bolero wrap

Welcome to the second week of my#sewfestive3 challenge.

This weeks DIY project is a glamorous DIY Bolero Wrap. This super easy wrap will look striking in gold, silver or any type of fabric with a sparkle and is perfect for those xmas functions where you feel you need something to cover up your shoulders. I happen to have a little left over purple chiffon fabric with sequins which will be perfect! You could make it up in a chiffon or a lace or any lightweight fabric that has a nice soft drape. Sequinned fabric would look amazing too. Depending on what fabric you choose, you will finish the bolero wrap edges either with a sewn rolled hem or finish it with a satin binding.

 You will need:

  • Approx .50cm of 150cm wide chiffon, lace or lightweight fabric.
    If your an XL size you will need about 2mts
  • .50cm of satin if you choose to hem with satin.
  • Thread to match.
  • Measuring tape or ruler.


Firstly measure from your centre back neck point to your wrist to get your arm length. Add 1.5cm for the hem. This is your total arm length.

how to sew a bolero wrap

Cut it, mark it:

Fold your fabric and line up your selvages. Cut out a rectangle measuring 50cm down and your total arms length across. Use a measuring square to get it perfect. You can make the length and sleeves shorter or longer, it’s purely up to you!

The fold will be your centre back. The edges will be your sleeve ends.

Measure back from the  edge of the sleeve ends 25cm and cut a notch.  This will be your sleeve stitching line.

how to sew a bolero wrapFit it:

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and baste it from the notch to the sleeve end. Pop it on over your head and make sure you are happy with it. You may want it tighter or looser, just alter accordingly by moving your sleeve seam notch to suit.

Sew it:
Because you will most likely be using a delicate fabric it’s best to sew a french seam.

Fold you fabric in half lengthwise with WRONG sides together, matching notches. Pin and tack your sleeve edges together from the notch along to the sleeve end. Then stitch a 6mm seam along these sleeve edges. Trim the seams close to stitching.


how to sew a bolero wrap
Turn inside out so that RIGHT sides are together and very lightly press your seam, encasing the raw edges. Stitch along the seam line making sure you are encasing the edges. Press the seam to one side. Well done, you have created french seams!

how to sew a bolero wrap

Finish your sleeve hems with either a rolled hem or make sleeve bands with satin fabric bands. I’m going to sew both methods as my sleeve ends had a nice bit of chiffon showing. I will finish my neck line with Satin.

Rolled hem finish for the sleeve ends. 

Fold raw edge over 6mm, press lightly and stitch close to folded edge.
Fold fabric over 6mm again and stitch on top of the previous stitching line.

how to sew a bolero wrap

Satin band finish: 

For neck bands measure across the neck edge (raw edges).

Cut 2 pieces of satin the same measurement plus seam allowance by 7cm wide.

how to sew a bolero wrap

With right sides together, stitch end of neck bands together. Trim.

how to sew a bolero wrap

Press over a 1.5cm seam allowance on one edge of the neck band. With right sides together, matching sleeve seams to neck band seams, pin and stitch the other edge of neck band to neck edge. Turn the band to the inside and press seam towards band.

how to sew a bolero wrap

Start chilling the champagne, your almost done!

how to sew a bolero wrapSlipstitch in place over the seam.

Cheers! You have a sparkly gorgeous bolero wrap to wear to another festive event. Don’t forget to hashtag it #sewfestive3 @sewthispattern so I can have a peak.

how to sew a bolero wrap

how to sew a bolero wrap

how to sew a bolero wrap

how to sew a bolero wrap

how to sew a bolero wrap

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