Little Miss Sunshine

Happy New Year!
We spent the New Year at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula with our friends. The boys were so excited to be seeing there special friend Mischa. I have given Mischa a few home sewn projects in the past and she has absolutely loved them. When someone get so much joy it’s not hard to whip something up again.
I have so much girly stuff in my stash (I must have secretly wanted a girl I think) so I decided on making something for Mischa the day before we left. The boys thought it was pretty funny when I used them as models for a fitting. 
I used the Japanese pattern book Happy Homemade Kids which you can pick up from Tessuti or Amazon.  I have always loved having these books on my shelf and flicking through them but have never used them. I was surprised at how easy most of the patterns are. I decided on the ruffle dress which has a ribbon inserted through casing to create the shoulder straps and is tied in a bow at the back.
 I also decided to add a little personal touch with a homemade decorative ribbon and tassel. I got the idea from the Burda magazine 3/2012 top 136 A.
To make the decorative ribbon make a 5cm long tassel from embroidery floss. Cut a piece of embroidery floss, 30cm long to string the beads. Knot this to the tassel so that the ends hang evenly. String beads onto the doubled length of floss. Lay ribbon in a bow. Lay ends of embroidery floss around centre of bow and knot. Sew button to centre of bow. Sew on pin bow in place.
this is the top version of the dress
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