ballerina skirt

I made this skirt a few months ago for my partners dads’ wife or sort of my mother in law except we are not married. Not easy to explain is it?
Anyway, I made it for a friend, Sonia.

Sonia really loved the tutti frutti skirt I made last year for a friends little girl and wanted a grown up version. Sonia used to be a dancer and was really keen on having a  ballerina skirt for herself.
I was a bit worried a tutu might look a bit “meringuish” so decided on just two layers of tulle and an underskirt.

To start with I used pinterest to get a story board together and emailed it through to her. What a great tool! No time wasted.

She didn’t want the gathering to start from the waist as she was worried it would make her look a bit on the frumpy side. Mind you she has nothing to worry about.
Keeping that in mind I decided to use Vogue pattern V8295 version E which has a yoke and flares from the hip. I self drafted the lining.

I decided on using Ponti for the yoke from my ever faithful Tessuti Fabric store as it is easy to work with and is very flattering on the body. It also means no zip required, woo hoo!!
I lined it in a single knit and used one layer of black bridal tulle and one layer of the flocked tulle.

Ok, I had to have one crazy shot!

The skirt turned out great and looks fab on. I had to get a few shots before handing it over as her Birthday present. I have worn it in these pics in a vintage style. It is such a versatile piece. I think it would look fantastic with heels and a corset.

Sonia was delighted.

Vogue 8295
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