camberwell markets

Today I had a stall at the Camberwell Markets, a very popular flea market in Melbourne.

Back in September which is the start of spring for us here in Australia, I decided that I would have a clean up and book a stall. Getting a stall is not easy but perseverance pays off.

I had a lot of toys I was ready to clear out and then I decided to get to work and clear out some of my fabric stash.

I left it all to the last minute  but I couldn’t believe how efficient I had become at sewing when I had a deadline.

I made some girls dresses, smock tops and even an Owl cushion made from a chenille bedspread I had purchased on eBay.

I sold the tee pee, the bunting a smock top and loads of toys.

A great flea market but not the place for selling hand crafted stuff. People who were shopping weren’t willing to pay more than $5 or $10 and are not really looking for hand crafted things.

I really enjoyed this project as it has got me fired up to get more of my stuff up on my etsy shop.

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