Country Wrap Dress

wrap dress sewing pattern download PDF

Happy New Year! My first project for the new year is this wrap dress which I made while I was in Tasmania at my parents house for Christmas with my family.

The pattern is Butterick wrap dress 5030 and I made version F with the flared cap sleeve.  The pattern is described as easy probably because there are no button holes or zippers involved and it is fairly easy but it’s not a one hour quick whip up. It took me the best part of a day.

As far as sizing goes, this pattern is a bit generous and I had to pin the bodice where it wraps over my not so generous (LOL) cleavage. I think I’ll add a snap there! The only alteration I made was to shorten it by about 8cm. Number one because I’m a shorty but also because I didn’t have quite enough fabric. I like the length. The other feature I really like about this pattern is the sleeves. The flare of the sleeve really gives the dress a feminine touch.

I’m not exactly sure what the fabric composition is but it has the weave of a batiste.  I love the print and colour but I found the weave a bit too loose. Sewing the fabric was a bit of a nightmare. The fabric frayed like crazy making finishing the seams very difficult. If I were to make this pattern again I’d choose a different fabric.

Happy with the way the wrap dress  looks in the end, it definitely looks country which is what I was looking for. There is a real vintage 40’s/50’s look to it also. I grew up on the farm that the photographs were taken on so I felt right at home. You can take a girl out of the country….











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