Oliver’s Big Heart

Ok, I know this is a blog about my sewing but I am so proud of my son at the moment that I just have to share with my fellow sewers.
My seven year old son Oliver raised money for the Childrens Cancer Center by having his hair shaved off.
He initiated the idea himself and raised over $600 for the charity.
Here is his own little blog about it.


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4 replies on “Oliver’s Big Heart

  • Marjorie

    No wonder you are so proud of Oliver. It is a very big thing to have your hair shaved off. He must be a very compassionate and caring young man to think of others and to raise much needed money for children’s cancer. I lost my husband to cancer and when others have donated money to help find a cure, I am so grateful. So please tell Oliver he is a very special and generous young man for me.

    • nine stitches

      Marjorie, that is so sweet of you, I will passion your message to Oliver.
      I am very sorry to hear about your husbands passing to cancer. Hopefully Ollie can inspire more young kids to fundraise for this very important cause. Annie x


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