Gridlock Tailored Jacket WIP and fabric giveaway…

Tessuti are currently running a sewing competition using their fabric called “Gridlock”. You can sew anything you like using this fabric for your chance to win $1000! Sounds great, so of course I went online and ordered a couple of meters.

I was in the middle of sewing my Hot Summer Rose outfit when the comp started so didn’t really get going on it until about a week ago. I had my mind set on sewing a tailored jacket for some reason. Perhaps because I have seen some great tailored jackets on the runway and RTW lately. I envisioned a pair of tailored shorts to go with it. The comp finishes tomorrow night (April 3rd) when I will be sailing the high seas to Tasmania with my boys. Unfortunately I am nowhere near finished, in fact I really have just started as far as tailored jackets go. It has taken me a week to cut all the many many pieces of muslin, lining, organza, lining, canvas etc etc. I have just started hand sewing the canvas to the front.

Love this look

Even though I won’t be able to enter it in the comp, I am still eager to get it done. Here is my work in progress report so far.

I traced all the seams and notches onto the calico to create a muslin. I also thread marked all of the seam lines. I had thought about skipping this process as I had googled it and alot of people had thought it was a bit of a waste of time but I totally disagree. I think that it has saved me alot of heartache down the track. It makes lining up the seams really accurate.

I made a few adjustments to the muslin. 
Thread marked all of the seams. I went off a bit on a few…oops!

I tailored tacked all of the markings from the calico muslin onto the Gridlock fabric

Catchstitching the canvas to the darts

So this is as far as I got before leaving for Tassie. More to come…
I have 80cm of this Gridlock fabric from Tessuti to give away. Fabric is a double-sided Jacaranda blue/ivory 77% Poly 21% Cotton 2% Elastane jacquard. Width:125cm 
I think it would be the perfect amount for a cute little A line skirt or some funky shorts or maybe a vest? 
Check out these amazing creations made for the competition at Tessuti and congratulations to the winners. Just leave a comment below and sign up to follow me. I’ll pick a random “winner” on April 30th.

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