Missing in Action

I have not been doing a lot of sewing lately. I think there are a number of reasons.

It’s winter and I like sewing summery stuff.  I race bikes and have been doing a lot of training lately and I started making a tailored jacket that I have got sick of so can’t seem to get beyond that.

Last week my friend emailed me to see if I would make up a skirt for her friends little girl. I had no choice but to get the sewing machine out again. Whilst sewing this gorgeous little skirt my mojo came back and I figured out a few things about myself.

I like quick projects that I can sew in at least a couple of weeks. I like dresses and skirts mostly and I like pretty fabrics. I think my jacket has become boring. I am a Gemini after all! I tried to do memademay and gave up after a week!

Anyway, in short I think sewing the skirt has given me a lift. I have cleaned out the cobwebs in the sewing room and sorted fabric into wovens and knits, work in progress and future projects.

This is the skirt I made up this week. It is the same pattern as the tutti fruitti skirt I made last year.

handmade flower using this tutorial
Handmade Bias Binding
Me too busy racing bikes to sew!
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3 replies on “Missing in Action

  • Zoe

    It’s the same for me, in winter when I have way more time to sew, I don’t feel like it as it is too cold to try anything on!
    I’m also making a tailored jacket that is driving me nuts, it has been sitting on the ironing board for nearly a month now.
    Good luck with your racing 🙂

  • Marjorie

    It is great to see that you have been sewing. This little skirt is delightful and it would have got me back in the sewing room too. I love the rose tute and I will give it a go. I am doing a millinery course and knowing how to make that rose will be handy.
    I hope you are doing well with your bike racing. I own a road bike too but I only plod along Brisbane’s bile tracks, hoping to enjoy the ride, a coffee and to get home in one piece. Today was so beautiful in Brisbane and I had a great ride with friends this morning. Hope you did too.

    • nine stitches

      Hi Marjorie. Ooh, I’d love to do a millinery course, it sounds like a lot of fun.
      My bike racing has taken over at the moment (after family of course) but I am trying hard to make time for sewing.
      I just started a little all in one fleece for my youngest to keep him warm on our cold Melbourne mornings.
      I have also offered to sew for our School fete, so no doubt will be in full swing soon.
      Riding in Brisbane sounds great, I’m missing the nice warm sun at the moment.
      Happy sewing and riding! Ax


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