Birdie Bomber

Sewing the Birdie Bomber Jacket

Bombers are da bomb! I love them. I made one a few years ago in a Zebra print which I love and it has been one of my most worn items from my homemade wardrobe so far. I thought maybe bombers might have gone out of fashion but according to a few articles I’ve read in fashion mags and blogs lately they are still up there in the fashion trends. If fact this post from Bloglovin was what inspired me. So, after reading all of these fashion reviews I got a bit excited and drafted up a simple bomber jacket – the Birdie Bomber.

A lot of  bombers are very complicated with padding, lining, pockets etc but I wanted to create a simple “blouson” (what the French call a bomber) which is more like a blouse (but it has a zip so technically a jacket). I wanted a blouson that I can wear out to the pub with my mates or a lazy Sunday ladies lunch . I also wanted to use a mid weight silky fabric to give it a day/evening look although it would look great in any light to midweight fabric.

It doesn’t have too many pieces, just a front, back, raglan sleeves, open end metal zipper and ribbed banding for the cuffs. I didn’t want to fuss too much with lining or pockets, just get that “Vogue” fashion look. After I drafted up the pattern it only took a couple of hours to whip up.

I named it “Birdie Bomber” after my Auntie Birdie who is petite (hence the name Birdie), fashionable and gorgeous plus the fabric has little birdies on it!  I really enjoyed this project and I’m definitely working on fine tuning the pattern. It’s easy to sew and easy to wear. Just throw it on over a singlet and a pair of skinny jeans and voila, you are ready to go out!

The Birdie Bomber is available in my pattern shop.






Sewing the Birdie Bomber Jacket


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8 replies on “Birdie Bomber

  • Bonnie Harcey

    Your jacket here is not the same as those shown on the pattern buying page: here is raglan, there is “almost” dolman. Will this pattern include instructions to make both or what is the difference?

    • Annie

      Hi Bonnie,

      This jacket is made from exactly the same pattern. Technically it’s a raglan sleeve but has the shape of a dolman sleeve.
      The raglan refers to how it is set into the bodice typically like a baseball style tee. The dolman sleeve is drafted with the bodice and is very wide at the top. A dolman sleeve slowly tapers as it moves toward the wrist.
      This jacket is set in like a raglan but the wide shape of it is similar to a dolman.
      I hope this helps answer your question.

    • Annie

      Hi Tamsin,
      I think the fabric was just a cheapie spotlight special! I know, shock horror! You can find good ones occasionally.
      I’ll let you know as soon as the pattern is done.
      Annie x

  • Becca Reho

    Very timely – I’ve been eyeing up all the floral bombers in the shops thinking it’d be great to make one…

  • Suz

    I’m not usually a fan of this type of jacket in general. But I love the simplicity and lightness of this one, it’s really lovely! Looking forward to it 🙂


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