Whats your Pinterest?

I wasn’t sold on Pinterest when it was first introduced as I thought nothing could be better than magazine cuttings and a cork board, but lately it’s become a very useful tool.
I still use the cork board because I think it looks cool and I am a very hands on type of person as all sewers are.

Lately I’ve had a few projects like Tessuti awards, a sewing project for a friend (tulle skirt photo to come) and my sons birthday party. It’s so easy, just sit at your computer and google , check blogs, go to sites you love and pin. You end up with a fantastic looking story board which you can link back to very easily.

My partner Tony has fantastic taste in design and architecture. He got me onto Pinterest and I’m glad I listened to him this time…

Anyway, check out his boards if you are into design and architecture.

I’d love to see your Pinterest board. Leave a link in the comments.



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2 replies on “Whats your Pinterest?

  • nine stitches

    Hi Karen,
    Thankyou, I’m glad you like my stuff.
    It is voyeuristic isn’t it? I love using pinterest every time I have a project. It’s a great way to store all the stuff you come across and plan to go back to but then forgot which website you visited.
    I’ll check out your board 🙂

  • Karen

    Hi from Brisbane, Stumbled across your blog from Pattern Review and love all your creations. I too love pinterest, and waste far too much sewing time pinning and gawking at stuff. Will look thru your pinterest boards, I have this voyeuristic streak that loves to sticky-beak.
    Here’s my boards……enjoy.



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