Signature Style for Project Sewn

This is the final week for the sew along at Project Sewn. The challenge this week is to create your “signature style”. I have been just far too busy this week to create something new as our School Fete is on this Sunday and I am heading up the Craft Mama’s so every waking hour has been dedicated to that. My back is killing me!!
I am a little disappointed I couldn’t come up with something new for this but I have the perfect dress to enter anyway. I designed this for the Tessuti Awards just a couple of months ago.

It is so me. A little crazy, alot of fun and very vibrant!

I hope you like it. You can read more about the making of it here

Please vote in the Project Sewn challenge here if you like it. I’m dress number 9.
(Voting starts on Friday 25th of October).









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