Joni Bell Sleeve Top

This is my second project out of the BurdaStyle Sewing Vintage Modern book.
I really loved the look of the bell sleeves on this top, very “hippy, bohemian” inspired.
I had a gorgeous black Japanese 100% Cotton seersucker with self print and eyelet detail in my stash which I had picked up from Tessuti a while ago and thought this would be perfect for it as it has a lot of body and should suit the style perfectly.

I had to draft a new pattern based on the shift dress pattern which I had already made up. It was very simple to modify and the instructions were very easy to follow. I did note a typo on instruction number 5. Measure down 8.5mm from the waist point should read 8.5cm.
A very easy pattern to sew but I still made a mistake! Dang it (as my 7 year old boy would say). The facing which you would normally sew onto the inside of the garment is actually topstitched to the outside.
The armholes were too tight as usual with Burda patterns (for me anyway). I cut off a few centimeters from the bottom of the armhole and then it was perfect. I usually pop the garment on my dress form and draw a line with white chalk to get a visual on how I want the armhole to look and then cut away. Brave but it works.
I love the buttons on the back. I bought them from Spotlight thinking I could just pick up some cute (cheap) buttons but as usual my expensive taste got in the way and I ended up with Italian buttons which were about $2.50 each!! Ouch.
I’m really pleased with the blouse though and the buttons are a feature.
I’ve already worn it a few times and it feels super comfy to wear.
I was going to make a pair of jeans from the book which I have already cut out but I have been side tracked by a dress I am making from some Dolce and Gabbana fabric (post to come soon).
 Hopefully, will find the mojo to complete the jeans soon.

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6 replies on “Joni Bell Sleeve Top

  • sewstylist

    Wow, I love this top! This is the first thing I’ve seen made up from the new Burda book that has inspired me enough to want to add it to my collection. This is the sort of top a girl could live in all summer! Those sunglasses are pretty fabulous too. 🙂

    • nine stitches

      Thankyou. I am pretty happy with it. I’ve worn it a few times already and it is really comfy to wear. The sunnies are another story…My first pair of “real” sunnies. Prada infact! They have almost become my trademark.

  • Marjorie

    Hi Annie; I love this top and the buttons (I have expensive taste too and fully understand.The fabric was worth having expensive buttons) and I now love your blog after following you on BurdaStyle. I don’t know how you busy Mums post a blog and sew your clothes along with everything else you have to do.I must be getting old and lazy; sewing is enough for me. Looking forward to more of your beautiful sewing. (shnui)

    • nine stitches

      Hi Marjorie,
      You are right about the buttons, that is exactly what I thought. Whats the point of having beautiful fabric if you don’t have beautiful buttons!
      I don’t know how I get the time either. I’m also an avid cyclist and try and fit that in also. I think at the moment I am surviving on adrenalin.
      Thanks Shnui!

    • nine stitches

      Hi Ellen
      Yes, I figured out that the facing was a design feature after I had sewn it in the wrong way!
      I get so excited when I’m sewing that I just zoom along without reading the instructions properly.
      Luckily the fabric was forgiving when I unpicked it.


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