#isewbecause – A little tag that meant so much.

It started as just a simple little thing to do on a wintery Friday. Pop a post up on my instagram and ask you, why you sew. And what happened next was truely incredible…

You opened your hearts and shared more than I could ever imagine and I was moved by each and every answer. So much so that I had to record this blog post to remind myself of the meaning sewing has in all of our lives. Whether it be an  a moment to achieve some relaxation and mindfullness, the pure joy of simply creating something by hand or to help move on from loss or sickness, your responses were everything from emotional to empowering, motivating to inspirational.

I felt so torn I had to pick a ‘winner’ as we all sew for all kinds of reasons and on reflection, none are more important or better than the other. I was really touched by all of the really personal stories that you shared so not surprisingly we all agree sewing is great for our mental health. We also love sewing because it’s a creative outlet, we can be unique, feel proud and we love being part of this fabulous sewing community. I loved all of the answers so it was hard to choose a favourite but one that really touched my heart was from Laurène @lespleurnicheuses. Laurène has been struggling with grief after losing her stillborn baby daughter, and sewing is helping her feel some fulfilment.

Annie x


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