DIY project. Bench seat cushion.


This weekend I had a DIY project to finish. I have been procrastinating for too long.

We have a bench seat that sits in our dining area and has beautiful light coming through the windows which makes it a perfect spot for reading, playing guitar or catching some zzz’s. But since moving into our home five years ago it has just become a spot for dumping school bags, work bags and washing that needs folding.

This weekend we hosted a Birthday party for my father in law and I decided it was time I made this bench seat into something a bit special.

After a bit of researching on Pinterest for styling and googling on “how to make a bench seat cover” I headed off to Clark Rubber and Ikea. I went for a high density foam which wasn’t cheap but so worth it. I opted for a charcoal fabric as I really liked the look of this Norwegian style bench seat. It also fits in with the splashes of red I have through the kitchen/dining area. I have a Florence Broadhurst Ikea design splashback in red and a New York print.




This is the tutorial I used by Pretty Handy Girl. This tutorial adds piping which I didn’t use but it’s pretty easy to follow and I whipped it up in an afternoon. I am so happy with the bench seat cushion. It’s come up really well and was used straight away at the party that evening. No more washing or school bags for this seat now! It’s just created a beautiful area to socialise or relax.

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