About Sew This Pattern

Sew This Pattern is about getting creative and making exciting clothes that will show off your unique style and personality.  Not only will you get excited about sewing your own clothes but also actually wearing your own DIY fashion!

Hi there, I’m Annie! A dedicated seamstress, designer, and proud mother hailing from Melbourne, Australia. My bustling household includes my two teenage sons, Ollie and Noah, along with our laid-back British/American bulldog, Roxy, and our elusive feline friend, Oki.

My passion for sewing and design ignited during my teenage years. Growing up as one of seven siblings, my mother had the brilliant idea to introduce me to sewing at a tender age. I’m forever grateful for her decision, as it sparked an immediate fascination with fashion that has shaped my path ever since. I’ve dedicated a significant portion of my life to the Fashion Industry.

Upon completing high school, I embarked on a journey at a fabric shop, where I delved into selling fabrics, patterns, notions, and bridal materials. This marked the true inception of my sewing adventure. I vividly recall absorbing every piece of sewing wisdom from a seasoned sales assistant. This period saw me amassing a collection of fabrics and eventually investing in a premium Husqvarna sewing machine and overlocker (which I had placed on layaway). During my tenure at the shop, I drew inspiration from experienced sewers and boldly experimented with my creations. At the time, my aspiration was to emulate Madonna’s iconic style, resulting in an array of “Madonna”-inspired ensembles. To this day, a couple of dresses from that era remain in my possession, including a delightful lavender taffeta dress with puffed shoulders, reminiscent of Lady Diana.

In my twenties, I embarked on an adventure to Canada, where I immersed myself in studying Fashion Arts in Vancouver. This experience exposed me to the vibrant street style and avant-garde designers that inspired me greatly. My love for vintage aesthetics also flourished during this time. For a deeper insight into my creative inspirations, take a glance at my sewing creations showcased on my blog, Nine Stitches.

The inception of Sew this Pattern was my endeavor to bridge the gap between the latest trends and the sewing world. I aimed to achieve this by offering downloadable sewing patterns that are not only trendy and innovative but also accessible to all skill levels. My intention was to present designs that are both stylish and straightforward, catering to beginners and experienced sewers alike. Each pattern is meticulously crafted to guide sewers from novice to advanced, with comprehensive instructions, accompanied by detailed photographs and illustrations.

In 2018 I expanded my reach by establishing a cozy sewing studio in Elsternwick, Victoria, where I passionately impart sewing wisdom to both children and adults through engaging lessons.

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